Kalimages 2.1.8

Kalimages is a program specially developed to organize and edit your pictures
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Kalimages is a piece of software specially developed to organize and edit your pictures. The program allows you to have a nice image collection, which is both easy to access and browse. You will be able to add, view, store, and delete photos from the database. Kalimages can search for indexed pictures using keywords, and it offers you an option to add descriptions to the pictures stored, you'll be also able to add copyright, location, keywords, etc.

The program allows you to create one or more database. To add images and files, you’ll just have to select a folder, and Kalimages will automatically scan it and add IPTC metadata to the database. Furthermore, it lets you export IPTC data to XML/HTML format, edit the IPTC field of an image, can locate repeated files or folders names and review IIM info.

It's very easy to find images in your hard drive and store them in the Kalimages database, since the program can look for image files and whole words, to help you locate your picture; it searches for multi-criteria keywords, character strings, and also by IPTC info or file/folder name enhancing the accuracy of each search. When you enter a keyword, Kalimages offers you an option to automatically translate that word from French to English and vice versa.

It's very useful for journalists, amateur and professional photographers who need to keep their work material nicely organized, in a database where to store, catalog, and search for pictures.

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Good editing capabilities
  • Exports IPTC info to XML/HTML format
  • Available in different languages
  • Powerful search engine


  • Doesn't have any
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